Okay, take a good read, because this is un-freaking-believable!

A BABY died when 12 members of a family leapt from a third-floor balcony fleeing what they believed was the DEVIL.

The tragedy happened after a wife woke to see her naked husband moving around the bedroom.

She screamed: “It’s the Devil!” and the man ran into another room, where 11 other family members were watching TV.

The man’s confused sister-in-law stabbed him in the hand and shoved him out of the flat in Paris.

The family panicked when he forced his way back in and jumped.

A four-month-old baby died in his mother’s arms.

Source The Sun

This story doesn’t make sense. How is it possible that no one in the house recognized who the guy was? I guess this is how people’s beliefs make them “see” anything they are told to see, huh?

Very sad that a baby died because of a totally irrational confusion.