This is not my pick, but yours. Most favorited or most retweeted teweet of the week (or something,) usually gets a space here. But this one is special…

You see, I tweet  a lot, usually my tweets are just anti-baloney claims, but sometimes they are replies to theists who get either offended, or just tempestuous.

This was the case when I tweeted this:

(Here is the Twitter link, in case you, too, want to retweet it.)

So what do theists do? They try to discredit atheists saying that we’re angry at god. A very pretentious statement, in my opinion, as if we were acting out on some secret resentment at god for something we expected of this god, and said god didn’t deliver…? or even worse, as if we were secretly believing in a god, their god – and feeling ashamed for it…? That makes no sense.

You see, I am not angry at god; seriously, no. Actually, I’m not, in general, angry at all. But in all honesty, most of us atheists are angry.

No, don’t get me wrong, we are not angry at something that we don’t think exists, that’s impossible, but we are angry – and rightfully so. If you are not angry, you’re probably not paying attention.

We are angry at religion and its justified millenary abuses, its wars, its crusades, its rapists and child molesters, its circumcisions, its motivation for blowing up people, its burkas; We are angry at ridiculous rulings like the Blue law, at belief and the way it is put on a pedestal, as if it were synonym of goodness, when it’s precisely the opposite.

We do get angry when religious books are considered as factual and historic, and when the idiocy of Creationism is being taught in schools as science.

We are angry about believers not only condoning but also spreading hatred in the name of their god and their religion. We get angry when theists spout threats of hell, not because we think we’re going to end up in hell, which to us is just an imaginary place, but because they disseminate eternal torture and punishment as a way to coerce and manipulate gullible people.

We do get angry when believers treat us atheists, as if we were lacking something, something must be wrong with us, as though religion and belief were desirable things that we should have by default, and if not, we should strive for.

When people are banned from working at some institution, or lose their jobs because of their lack of faith, or when someone is frowned upon because they’re wearing an atheistic T-shirt, or any kind of discrimination is applied because someone don’t live under the assumption that there’s an invisible sky monkey watching our every move, we get angry.

Right, so much praise and enabling for totally unbelievable constructs that don’t meet any standard of reality whatsoever, while putting aside things that should be mandatory and above any other requirement, such as respect for life, respect for human nature, for our right to think differently, for our planet; sadly, this is a way of thinking that can only be attained by educating yourself, something that you can hardly expect from most believers who think they have the ultimate moral guidance (taken from their religious books), and think all the answers they need are contained in the inerrant word of god, therefore, they won’t even listen.

Yeah, we do sometimes, get angry at believers’ arrogance and willful ignorance.

I probably should not speak for other atheists, so…

Yeah, I’m angry. Are you not?