Sometimes nature plays a number on us and this time it was Japan the country that got the worst part. Twenty other countries on the Pacific coast had a taste of the tsunami effect as well, but nothing like what Japan went and still is going through.

I have friends over there, and many of you probably have friends and family over there, too.

Another scary thought, this could have happened us.

The scientific facts on why and how this happened, we’re going to leave to the experts, and the blaming-it-on-minority-groups, if it raises, will be best left ignored.

The only rational and practical thing we can do to help is donate. We can donate to the Red Cross, they have detailed information on what they’re doing for Japan Red Cross Responds to Japan Earthquake. I think the easiest way to donate is to text the word REDCROSS to 90999, you will be charged $10, your donation will show up on your next phone bill. Isn’t technology wonderful?

Another great institution to donate to is Doctors Without Borders, this is what they are currently doing for Japan Support Relief Effort, you can make a one-time donation, or if you can afford it, you can set up a recurrent donation here.

I want to encourage you to donate.

I know most of my readers are godless, or soon-to-be godless, but out of my 90,000 monthly visitors, chances are some of them are believers, so if this is your case, I lovingly welcome you, and this is for you:

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Last but not least, let me remind you, we are all in this together, and after everything is done and over, all that will have mattered is how we treated each other.

My heart goes to you, Japan. ♥