The bible is as good a source of information on the topic of LOVE, as any ancient desert scribblings. Sure, taken on its own, 1 Cor 13:4-7 is very nice, but not as nice as other descriptions of love that human beings have come up with. And anyway – would you take advice about love from someone whose biography revealed them to be an appallingly UNLOVING character in the first place?
The bible demolishes itself as a useful source for anything, other than an anthropological study in the history of metaphysical wonderings, superstition, ignorance, and delusion. When you read the words on the pages of the bible, what you actually see is horror, fear, violence, anger, rage, jealousy, pettiness, death, fear – the very worst of human nature.

Just because there are a couple of nice sentences scattered throughout it too, doesn’t make up for the bulk of it being so revolting.

It’s not as if nobody has ever come up with a better description of love than St. Paul. Anyone could. Many have. Let’s leave the bible in the dustbox of history.

A few weak points in this video? Yeah, probably. eg, the fine line between envy and jealousy, whether or not god condones smashing babies to pieces on rocks. They’re certainly worth bringing up, and it’s not as if the bible isn’t already an impossibly mistranslated, confused self-contradictory document.