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What do you think, is it too far fetched to expect that theists realized the absurdity of their beliefs by my pointing out that the same book, which to them is the ultimate morality guide, includes idiotic rules that no one in their sane mind would even consider to carry out?

This is the kind of tweet that only atheists find logical.

This is the link to the original tweet, in case you want to retweet it, or something.

I get a lot of hate mail in reply to this kind of tweets, Christians are so peaceful when their beliefs are challenged!

This is a great representation os this verse:

… but all the rebuttal replies I get from Theists are from the nice parts of the bible. They like to think that the bible is all inspirational and sweet.

Of course, Theists get to pick and choose the parts they like, or those verses they agree with, while verses like this one get totally ignored.

I am still waiting for a good response.

Are you a theist who thinks gays are detestable and gay love is abomination? Let us hear your rebuttal here in the comments.