As promised, this is a Tweetblog based on a question I asked on Twitter and all your replies.

I’m posting it mostly for fun, (read: don’t take this too seriously), most of your replies are hilarious, thought we could get a kick out of these tweets, and hopefully someone will eventually come up with an answer that we can grasp.

We need to ask serious questions like: Where is god, why can’t we see it, hear it, touch it…

What is the “God sense”, and what body part or phenomena is it responding to, and can its existence be detected in any way?

If there is such thing as the “God Sense,” why do different people perceive god in different ways?

So for now we’ll go with this assertion: I don’t think there is a “God Sense,” and if there is, I wanna know where it is and how it works, and some evidence would be nice.

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So these are all your replies, thanks much, some of these replies are so funny, you’ll see.

That’s kind of my point, these people who claim they sense god don’t have extraordinary senses, do they? and if they do, why, how, what body part and all the questions raised before.

It is okay to disagree with me now and then, especially when I’m being taught stuff.

Yes, okay. Waitaminnite! Sense of time?

So, I guess what you’re saying is you haven’t sensed god either. Yes, we all could be wrong, just admitting that is a huge part of being a free thinker.

okays 😮

Well, I know atheists who swear to have seen ghosts. Same thing as god? I don’t think so.

As in chemically induced state? That’s cheating. 😉



Thank you, formally learned now. Seven senses. Love your hashtag. 😛

I’ve recently grown curious of the Buddhist philosophy. I see what you mean, still Buddhists don’t have a god to worship or sense or feel, not an entity. I’m not sure it equates.


Well, yes. That’s what it usually is.

Or like I shouldn’t call it but I so do sometimes, self-inflicted stupidity.

When/if we find out, I’ll let you know.

pfft, indeed.

Hhahaha  – Who said I was trying! 😛

Or, like someone implied before, you need an extraordinary sense.

LOL – Of course! 😀

Did you at some point have an extraordinary experience of the sort?

or chocolate! but nobody calls it god.


I have that one, and never felt god so, no. 🙂

Because people who say they can feel god are sure they perceive it like physically.

Hahaha #WIN 😀

Everyone has the capacity or awe, I agree. You think they are just lying? …to themselves?

Hahaha – good one, although that one is not extraordinary in the least.

But everyone that is told that there’s a god, automatically gets a preconception of it, don’t they?

In case you’re curious, Eric is referring to this tweet:

Although, I’m not sure I follow his logic.

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