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If god told you to torture and kill your child, would you?

If you’re a Fundamentalist Christian, you probably would.

CNN’s Gary Tuchman reported Monday on a fundamentalist Christian couple who killed their 7-year-old adopted daughter while practicing a violent form of discipline.

They reportedly beat their nine children regularly because they thought God wanted them to. Both parents were jailed after pleading guilty to the crime and the surviving children are now in foster homes.

Watch video, courtesy of CNN.

This, you may think, is an isolated occurrence. Well, certainly it’s not the norm (thank gawd!) but this is not isolated at all.  It’s just another of many atrocities committed in the name of god. This is not a Christian way to educate your children – this is torture and murder!

I just hope these irrational idiots who pose as parents, get the maximun punishment for their crime.

Thanks, religion.

Source: rawstory.com