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A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated my cousin’s birthday. He and his wife have a somewhat funny story — not in a ha-ha way. They got married then got divorced and then got back together, and re-married, (say that twice more with four kids in the middle, who now have kids of their own), let’s say their marriage has pretty much gone down a bumpy road for twenty-some years. My cousin and his wife after being Catholic their whole life, have now become Christians.

Portrait of Isaac Massa and his wife, Beatrix ...

They decided my cousin’s birthday party would be the perfect opportunity to renew their wedding vows so, this was a birthday, plus a Vow Renewal Ceremony, right? Don’t really know how that works, if you swore to love and cherish someone forever like three times before, and failed to keep your promise, why a fourth time would go differently? Well, their answer, I presume, would be: They now have a new religion.

I figure you know how these ceremonies go, so many inane assertions, like, I heard the pastor’s wife, who was the person leading this ceremony, say: “all things are possible through the grace of the lord” so many times, that I threw up in my mouth a little bit — repeatedly.

Oh yeah, there was a lady pastor running the show, excuse me, leading the ceremony — a she-pastor.(?) The pastor’s wife, really. Right there you have an example of how blatantly these Christians twist and stretch their holy book’s teachings to accommodate their beliefs into what is convenient to them. Don’t they know women were not allowed to even speak in the temple back then in bible age, let alone be priestesses or whatever that is? Even nowadays not only aren’t women all that appreciated in those areas of the world where the bible depicts its stories, but back then they were less important than cattle, but I digress.

What somehow pains me, is this mumbo-jumbo christian discourse, and I’m using this word lightly, is the glue that now holds this marriage together… so, in this particular situation, one really shouldn’t go creating awareness on the kind of deceit Christianity is. They don’t have a new god, they have a new religion. The problem I see is, these folks had to turn to a new religion to stay together, as if some magical entity, (the christian god, same god they worshiped before), is going to make things better; whereas I would think that a better sense of commitment to each other, a real desire to make their spouse happy, putting the needs of the other before their own, would be a good enough and more effective silk-lace to keep them together, and their marriage going smoothly. Honestly, I feel frustrated.

It is very sad to see otherwise intelligent people, rely on religion, instead of taking responsibility of their actions, owning up to their faults, accepting the consequences of the mistakes they made before, and improving their relationship through their own working on making it happen. Anyway, I hope they succeed at life as a married couple, this time around, and finally be very happy.