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Ever engaged in debate with a Christian and got the trite “I’ll pray for you“?

Probably not exactly their motivation when they say “I’ll pray for you,” but I’m sure they know how condescending and annoying that is to an atheist. It is the ultimate conversation stopper. I think they use it to conceal their real thoughts, which I suppose would go along the lines: you’re threatening me with reason, and I need a way out; or, screw you I’m right you’re wrong, but I have nothing worthwhile to counter-argue your reasons so I’ll say some religious crap self-righteous cop-out phrase to get you off my back.

It pisses me off.

It annoys me more than all the other meaningless phrases they have at hand when confronted with reason: “Jesus loves you,” “Hope you enjoy your special place in Hell,” and my all-time favorite “what happened to you to make you hate god so much?”, which is the funniest, since they fail to understand we can’t hate a figment of someone else’s imagination. Du’h.

I think he picture totally captures the sentiment, and it’s funny enough to give it a little space here. Hope you get some kicks out of it.

EDIT: My response? Well, one of them was brought to mind by Mark Joseph in the comment bellow. Thank you, Mark!